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There are two things that everyone must be familiar with on each and every utility bill that you receive which are the two costs that you may incur as a business owner. However with this being said every company will try to explain and display them differently. To Receive a Free No Obligation Consultation Call – (817) 317-1032

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Gloria Purcell
“I’m a commercial electricity broker, I’ve been in the industry for 20yrs. I shop all REP’s for the “lowest wholesale rate”. You don’t pay retail price for your products you sell, and you shouldn’t pay retail for your electricity bill either. Reduce your overhead, Call or email me for the lowest commercial “wholesale electric rates”.”
Gloria Purcell

Energy Broker?

Today’s world everyone has heard of the term “Energy Broker” but not everyone understands what that means. In short, an Energy Broker is also referred to as an energy consultant within the energy industry. These individuals will act as intermediaries between energy companies and the consumers who use them.

Lower Your Business Energy Bill Today!

Here at Budget Energy Solutions, LLC. we understand what the local businesses in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area goes through when it comes to energy. We are a local Energy Broker that provides various options to the everyday retail shop, restaurant, small business, manufacturing facility, or industrial complex.

All the Electric Providers with Budget Energy Solutions, LLC. Provide Free No Obligation Estimates.


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