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Here at Budget Energy Solutions, LLC. we understand what the local businesses here in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area goes through when it comes to energy. We are a local Energy Broker that provides various options to the everyday retail shop, small business, manufacturing facility, or industrial complex.

Know Your Energy Bill

There are two things that every business must consider when it comes to the electricity bill and that is the Supply Fees and the Distribution Fees on their bill.

1st – Supply Costs – This describes the creation of the electricity to one’s place of business may it be an retail shop, auto repair shop, small business, manufacturing, or a industry complex to mention a few.

2nd –Delivery or Distribution Fees – This talks about the electricity that is delivered to the business and distributed throughout the facility like the Alarm Systems, Garage Doors, Computers, Servers, Lights, and etc.

Understand the Rates & Save

Since most businesses we speak with don’t know or understand their current electricity bill we explain their bill in simple terms. We also know most consumers aren’t aware that they have a choice when it comes to their energy provider.

Here at Budget Energy Solutions, LLC., we take the time and energy to educate our business customers of every detail concerning their electrical needs. Then assist them with selecting an electrical provider that fits their needs. The purpose of this is to provide our clients the necessary information so they can make the best decision for their commercial business when they are selecting a new Retail Electric Provider Company.

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